Experience the Audi

The starting signal was given at the Formula E race in Berlin: Audi presented its first purely electrically powered vehicle, the Audi e‑tron Sportback concept. However, not in the real world, but in our breathtaking VR experience. Since then, the VR app has been on a world tour, making the e‑tron brand a lasting experience.

VR glasses on and immerse: “Wow, there it is, the Audi e‑tron, which doesn’t exist in the real world, yet. And I can get so close, look inside, and then see it in action.”

That’s how immersive the innovative Audi can be experienced by VR users. At first hand – in the truest sense of the word because our VR experience combines virtual with real sensory impressions: Real wind machines simulate the airstream and also convey a feeling for the speed of the car.

The perfect illusion

The visual impressions are also deceptively real: We modeled the Audi e‑tron Sportback concept in 3D on the basis of the original vehicle data. Then implemented the VR experience with the ultimate game development platform Unity.

The result: Graphics and performance that are really fun and make even gamers’ hearts beat faster. The jury of the Next Reality Award agrees. It has awarded the Audi e‑tron VR experience the “Best Experience” prize.

So, the first virtual adventure of the e-tron Sportback concept has hit like a bomb, and Audi was able to make its mark in brand communication.

Reason enough to continue the success story: Together with the Audi project team, we constantly develop new ideas for stories, settings, and features that suit the different vehicles, events, and target groups – and convey the fascination of the e-tron brand in a unique way.