GS1 solution

How can we help the customer to find THE product in a grocery story? With hundreds of items it can be hard for the consumer to find their favourite soap, wine or cleaning product.

Thanks to the shopping solution from shoutr labs: GS1, the customer gets personalised offers, various products scanned and a shopping cart system which makes purchases possible – even when the user is not connected to the internet. A special highlight are the AR features of the app: The products on the shelves are enriched with information, such as matching recipe ideas.

shoutr labs implemented the light-based indoor Positioning System from Philips ( indoors localisation function) in the app they developed.

The benefits

  • Faster and better shopping decisions by the customers
  • Measurable interest of the customers
  • Customers have additional information at their fingertips
  • Customer retention beyond the point of sale
  • Location based and targeted promotions

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