Being a prisoner of GDR secret service

What is it like to be a Stasi-prisoner? The VR headset becomes a time machine that transforms the viewer into a prisoner of the Stasi prison Berlin-Hohenschönhausen. Based on the memories of GDR writer Jürgen Fuchs and numerous interviews with contemporary witnesses, this 360° film doesn’t just depict recent German history but, for a brief moment, makes it present.

IntoVR  succeeded to create a VR history experience “Was wollten Sie in Berlin?! – Als Häftling im Stasi-Gefängnis”. The viewer will experience what it was like to be imprisoned by the GDR secret service in the former Eastern German “Stasi” prison Berlin-Hohenschönhausen. The VR project won German Reporter Award 2017.

Directors: Michael Ginsburg, Martin Heller, Christiane Wittenbecher

Published 2017

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credit photo: Into-VR