c/o Moritz Loos
Mertz-von-Quirnheim-Str. 4
14471 Potsdam

2Sync stands for creating innovative and immersive VR / XR experiences that synchronize real and virtual worlds. Limitless environments with all their physical objects can become part of every VR application. By breaking down the limitations of Room Scale VR, we enable the integration of the user’s entire environment into the virtual experience and make House Scale VR accessible to enterprises and developers.

Powered by our 2Sync SDK, we feature the first Software Development Kit to synchronize the physical and virtual world with all of its objects. A precise mapping of physical objects, the description of virtual objects in real environments using a wide range of properties and relationships, and the procedural generation of virtual worlds allow us to develop entirely unique and innovative applications. Lack of interaction and movement in the physical environment, preparation time, possible injuries as well as motion sickness and low user experience belong to the past thanks to 2Sync!