medienkunst e.V.

c/o Peggy Schoenegge
Warthestrasse 45
12051 Berlin

medienkunst e.V. – Verein für zeitgenössische Kunst mit neuen Medien (mkv) provides a platform for artists, curators, and scholars as well as institutions and initiatives to develop and promote new forms of presentation for contemporary art with new media. As a non-profit organisation, we promote experimental exhibitions and communication channels that provide various media with adequate space to explore modes of representation. In doing so, we source out and test new forms of expression in and experiences of media-based art.

Driven by a philosophy that thinks outside the box of classical representation, we initiate media-relevant discourses and give space to artistic research and exchange, which have a fundamental impact on the future. mkv fosters a complex approach to media art that intensifies an understanding of media and facilitates aesthetic experiences with media art while increasing its visibility among the public. Currently, the board consists of curator Peggy Schoenegge (peer to space) and digital artists Dagmar Schürrer and Kathrin Hunze.