Places of longing

With an intriguing time travel back to Ancient Rome, Faber Courtial – one of Germany’s leading providers of premium VR film content  – introduces its brand new VR series “Follow Me” which takes the viewer to some of mankind’s most significant historical events and “places of longing”! 

A fascinating visit to Ancient Rome

In the three episodes of the 1st season, the audience – guided by archeologist Mario – immerses deeply into Roman life via “frozen moments”, portraying some of the city’s most exciting places: the Forum Romanum, the Circus Maximus – where the chariot races took place – and the  mighty Colosseum which was setting of brutal „entertainment” spectacles for the masses.  Thus, history is told from a completely new perspective and becomes easily comprehensible. Enthralling “Docutainment” – combining both knowledge transfer and entertainment! The second season of “Follow Me” will deal with the Apollo Missions and will be finished by July 2019.

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