5G VR e-learning by Nokia and i-mmersive

5G VR e-learning by Nokia & i-mmersive is entering next stage: At the Nokia Innovation Day 2019 the 5G VR e-learning container was presented, from next month it will travel to schools in rural areas in South Africa as a pilot, to see if we can improve Africa’s basic education.


  • Providing quality education to all South Africans
  • Providing an immersive online education solution keeping the learners attention
  • Learner aids are not always available
  • Providing remote and enhanced teacher training
  • How to catch up a lesson if the learner are absent?

5G VR e-learning Solution

  • VR provide an immersive learning experience
  • Virtual elements provides learner aids to all
  • VR provides more effective and more focussed learning experience
  • Best solution to do teacher training is experienced based – teacher in training can view how an experienced teacher conducts a call