Highlight on Multinational surveillance

VR and Immersive Media are known to bring the user to experience new kind of storytelling in Cinema, Video game… But what about VR and Immersive media in  Art installation? INVR.SPACE and Mona El Grammal succeed to answer this question.

With the project Rhizomat VR the Full Service Studio INVR.SPACE extends and transforms conventional fictional story-telling to a new level. Based on the narrative space “Rhizomat”, originally built by the artist Mona el Gammal, the 12-minute VR movie rethinks subjective narration in a digital environment. Combining 360° video, Volumetric Capture, Photogrammetry, 3D scans as well as CGI a sophisticated virtual scenery is created. In the dystopian world of Rhizomat VR, the Institute for Method (IFM), a global private company, has replaced the state and  keeps the people under surveillance by regularly investigating their emotions and mind sets. But the standard examinations do not always go according to plan…

Empathic experience

Without the employment of actors, but through the aura of thousands of staged items instead, the users are drawn  into the Rhizomat VR universe. Human Holograms support the narration and enhance the estranged atmosphere. This installation  does not only approach the issue of the new media’s emotional agency on a content level but also formally employs it to create a strongly empathetic experience