Choriner Str. 32
10435 Berlin

We do time travel!
In 2018, we founded TIMETRAVEL.BERLIN as a virtual time travel agency. Since then, we have been developing authentic, historically based VR time travel experiences. Currently, we are realising the VR simulation 20s.BERLIN, a virtual time travel to the European metropolis of the Roaring Twenties with an international team.

We understand our start-up as a “classic” VR studio that bundles, manages and implements both its own and its clients’ projects centrally and as a “one-stop shop”. Our thrilling VR simulations are based on Unreal as well as the latest real-time VR and AI technology. In addition to technical aspects, we also take care of the dramaturgical component: Virtual storytelling. The result? A seemingly natural interplay of visuals, sound and story and thus: Real immersion!
What drives us? Above all, the fascination for the sheer endless possibilities that virtual and augmented reality offer in connection with “time travel”. In virtuality rousing adventures with equally high entertainment and educational value can be created – places that are unreachable in this physical world can easily be traveled! As close to reality as possible, but independent of location and either individually or together with others.