Platz der Luftbr├╝cke 4-6
12101 Berlin

Endava PLC (NYSE: DAVA) is a public-listed software development company, founded in 2000 in London. Our Berlin subsidiary has a special focus on Extended Reality Solutions including VR and AR. Customers in that space include Audi AG, Siemens AG, Kindermuseum Graz and many others.

Globally, we provide digital transformation consulting, agile software development services, various automation solutions, strategy consulting, creative and user interface design, Insight through Data, Mobile and Internet of Things, Systems Architecture, Automation, Software Engineering, Test Automation, DevOps, Cloud Computing, Advanced Application Management and Smart Desk.

The company’s close-to-client offices are located across North America and Western Europe, and its nearshore delivery centers are located in Eastern Europe (Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia) and Latin America (Argentina, Uruguay, and Colombia).