On 16th June, Xibit have partnered with TEDx Berlin to organize a side 3D digital art exhibition using our mixed reality platform.

Among the two thousand that have attended the event at Admiral Palast theatre in Berlin, around a hundred were lucky to try the magical Xibit experience.

The feedback was overwhelming, the queues were so long and people left with a lot of laughter and inspiration to what could this type of art lead to.

Following, this successful partnership, other big brands have contacted Xibit to organize similar art exhibition which will provide a unique experience to their customers and employees.

About Xibit:

Xibit  are building a mixed reality platform for 3D digital art exhibitions, that connects premium spaces like hotels, corporations, and museums with 3D digital artists. With the support of our cutting edge mixed reality software, we transform premium spaces into immersive digital art exhibitions in no time, where people can intuitively interact with art, and space. We collect analytics on user interaction, and emotional responses to artistic creations, to better understand how people engage with art.





Text: Xibit