VR Trip with Fantaventura


Fantaventura is a VR trip to a psychedelic island with the legendary German band Die Fantastischen Vier. The band takes you into the parallel world of their 1993 hit song Tag am Meer. The sun burns as you groove with dancing plants and colourful animals, and stick your head into floating soap bubbles that whisk you away to someplace new.

Volumetric Video

Fantaventura mixes volumetric video, animation, 360 film, interactive sound, and Leap Motion hand-tracking to tell a story that is as much about time, aging, trust and loyalty as it is about members of the band dropping acid on a tropical beach 25 years ago, and changing the way they saw the world.

The experience is shown in the 30th anniversary exhibition ‘TROY’ at the Stadtpalais Stuttgart until the end of March 2020 and is available on Steam. Fantaventura was created by High Road Stories and produced by Die Fantastischen Vier & musikwirtschaft.de, with Radar Media and gebrüder beetz filmproduktion.High Road Stories 

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