The Volucap Studio

Volucap Studio is the first commercial studio for volumetric recordings on the European mainland located at the Babelsberg location.

On 170 square meters and attached to the oldest large-scale film studio infrastructure in the world, the Volucap Studio stands for innovative video technology and completely new application possibilities. With the developed 3D recording technology, film can be made accessible and experienced interactively.

Innovative technology

The technology called 3DHBR (3D Human Body Reconstruction) allows people to be captured lifelike in three dimensions and transferred as a kind of hologram into various virtual or real (augmented) environments.

The new studio is available for professional, commissioned productions and with its application possibilities in the areas of virtual and augmented reality is extremely interesting not only for digital media, but also for medical technology and industrial applications such as industry 4.0 or construction 4.0, as well as e-learning.

Volucap GmbH was founded by the shareholders ARRI Cine Technik GmbH & Co. KG, Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, Interlake System GmbH, Studio Babelsberg AG and UFA GmbH.

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