Virtual Reality against dementia

WeltenWeber created a project for dementia patients in collaboration with the Helios Hospital Krefeld: “Krefeld im Wirtschaftswunder” is a Virtual Reality timetravel application to a simulated Krefeld in the 50s/60s for therapeutic support in dementia care.

Innovative technology

Their goal was to expand the memorial work in dementia care with Virtual Reality. Today this kind of therapy is mostly done with the use of old photos, videos and music.

they wanted to find out if a truly immersive experience can help the patients even more. The application is preferably used by patients in a sitting position from where they can observe the familiar surrounding of their youth or childhood. This can help the affected patients to activate memories from their youth, become more talkative and active in their everyday lives.

The application was provided to a local hospital, Helios clinic Hüls, for the use in dementia care and is now permanently installed. The first reactions were very positive and the doctors observed not only an increased interest and curiosity but the users started to move and look around which is also beneficial to their health.