iVP – intelligent Virtual Platform

Have you ever wondered to yourself, how truly exciting it would be for both you and your clients to be informed and indeed be a part of the creation of their structures from day one? With iVP, you can plan complex large-scale projects while giving your stakeholders the front row view all along. With the benefit of visualizations that projects the structures in automated 2D/3D/XR, you bring life to ideas even before they are born. iVP makes complex tasks simple by making it visually accessible, allowing you and your clients to accomplish revisions, eliminate and modify any challenges and meet clients requirements in the exact way they would want it.

With iVP, you achieve speed in planning, enhanced collaborative capabilities while also increasing efficiency. Let me give you a quick walk through some reasons why you should maybe join our train and bank on iVP for enhanced capacity.


Planning is the most crucial aspect of any project. The substructure is definitely of what the superstructure would be and when you bungle it at this stage, the entire project is headed downhill. Also, we do realize that some clients may have their own ideas too and try as you may, the finished project would not be exactly as they have visualized it. How do you invite foresight to meet with hindsight in your project plan and design? And you need to connect this two, particularly when the project is complex and complicated as the modern projects would usually be. You cannot afford to conclude the project only to be compelled to take it apart again. iVP would help you circumvent the issues as it would enable you carry your clients along from the very first step. iVP allows your clients not only to see how the project would turn out but also allows them to contribute from the point of development and design.


Perhaps the high point of using the iVP, at least in my view, is the collaborative edge it gives. The platform allows you to work together with your team all at the same time on a particular project, ensuring that ideas are being galvanized for the best. What is more, you can bring in expert hands no matter where they may be to join in on the design and project creation. All you need do is send an invitation to join the same 2D, 3D, XR session and you are ready to have the team rolling. It’s like getting your entire team to be on the site of the project directly instead of interfacing via, Skype, Video conferencing etc. Changes could be made directly by those you have permitted to effect same in real time.


Innovative technology


With iVP, you are able to create structures from scratch, laying every single bit in 2D. The creations are then reflected in 3D as well as VR and/or AR, just in case you had like to show your client how things would look. The benefit is enormous as we won’t have to wait till when the structure is pre- visualized or even finished before we are able to see how it would all fit and look like. This way, we are able to hit excellence with just one shot!

While some software solutions only allow for importation of finished planning with only the possibility to view, iVP software lets you see where and when every single structure is brought onboard and how the entire structure would look when completed. With the benefit of a 1 by 1 workflow in 2D, 3D, Virtual and Augmented Reality your client can better appreciate what changes you are proposing because they are seeing the finished structure even before they are built.

Feedback in Real time

When any changes are proposed or challenges detected, there is no need to log off and go back to planning. So that if a mistake is detected, we simply comment (in VR), highlight and amend as necessary. Imagine if we were to start afresh from planning whenever we notice that the project isn’t turning out the way we planned it or that a new structure ought to be added or removed? If we detect necessary defects multiple times, do we go back to redesign multiple times? Imagine the time that would be wasted on the project and how utterly exhausting the back and forth would be. With iVP software, we simply wipe off the problems, amend as necessary and/or assign tasks for further planning, so that we are all agreed on the points before we get down to actual execution.

Import and Export

The iVP software serves as a vault for a wide range of 3D objects including furniture, warehouse components and more. Clients can implement their own 3D objects as well as bring in their own PDF plans as a floorplan for rebuilding 3D environments.

Designs concluded on the platform can also be exported for your clients to view on the “view only iVP version”. The limitation, however, lies in the fact that they cannot contribute or make changes to the design


While the iVP software parades an array of features that would revolutionize the way you plan your projects, we have only discussed a few above just so you can have a sense of what it promises for now and the future. Technology is changing and bringing the world closer than ever before and in the realm of project design, evaluation and collaboration, iVP not only dissolves boundaries but diminishes space.

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