A collaboration with Rimini Protokoll

One of the first projects created in the new studio in partnership with INVR was the 3-D ambisonics mix of five 360° short-films by the artist group Rimini Protokoll. For the installation of FEAST OF FOOD at Gaasbeek Castle, Bruxelles they designed a contemporary diorama of “rural life” a video installation with head-mounted displays. As in Bruegel’s paintings, the viewer is confronted with a
complex spectacle of gestures and relationships. A tableau depicting today’s undisguised reality of global food production.

Rekorder’s role

As often the audio-recording quality of the films was very divergent and full of interfering background noises from drones, loud machine sounds of the factory a.o.
rekorder studios took hands on in a range from small corrections in sound, sync matching, adjusting the sound angle, up to drastic rebuildings of whole scenes, before the final ambisonics mix in the 16 speaker halfdome could be done. The greatest thing of all was the abbility to do the mix approval side by side and in direct interaction with Daniel Wetzel from Rimini Protokoll in the middle of the 3Daudio-halfdome in sync with a htc vive.

more information: https://www.rimini-protokoll.de/website/en/project/feast-of-food