360° rocks the crowd – The ideal intro to VR

Long queues in front of the evrbit’s  eVRsync cinemas in the first half of 2019: Over 6,000 visitors at the BAUMA in Munich, almost 4,000 – and sold out movie theaters – at the Telekom Magenta VR Roadshow and 3,800 guests at the Open House of Deutsche Bundesbank in Frankfurt. They move masses – and They love it!

It seems that it is all about the questions of how we get people to use and – best – to love immersive technologies. After evrbit, the group moment might be one key to pave the way to VR. Therefore the eVRsync software suite enables a quick and seamless set-up of VR group events for everyone. People are curious across all age groups and want to check out “this new VR.” Therefore 360° films are a fantastic low-threshold entry into a fascinating new world. Being able to share the immersive experiences in large groups with eVRsync cinema makes it easy to put on headsets and get new perspectives because many people feel much more comfortable to try something new when they are in a community. Another plus: People love to share their emotions. So why not do this in a VR360° screening, too.

The headphone-free and frame accurate eVRsync cinema is the ideal partner to excite the users in the context of health, entertainment, brand staging, to increase brand awareness or to use sneak peek product presentations. With the eVRsync cinema, corporates are staging themselves as innovation leaders providing the wow- moment and creating valuable buzz. Customers and consumers are getting to know the new medium playfully and are enthusiastic about the experience.
For evrbit, it’s great to see how well innovative technologies are accepted by a broad audience. That’s why we continue right there and are already working on new tools. In cooperation with the Animation Institute of the Filmakademie Ludwigsburg, we create an interactive VR cinema and storytelling for large groups. First steps of this project were already presented at this year’s FMX.

For more info : http://vr.evrbit.com/