AVATARS creates an interactive environment

In cooperation with universities a plant research institute and plant breeders, Breakpoint One is researching and developing new ways of data visualization with a high focus on the user experience of exploring and using big data.
Thousands to millions of SNP markers and spatio-temporal transcriptome, proteome, or metabolome data for hundreds to thousands of plant lines, illustrate the complexity of today’s biological data structure. To meet the challenges, novel approaches for data integration and visualization are needed that allow efficient navigation, analysis and exploration. As a solution, AVATARS will create an interactive environment based on techniques of advanced virtual and augmented reality (AV/AR) to make data more accessible.

This virtual environment will allow users to easily navigate through the multidimensional data space across various levels of resolution to select important information and to efficiently perform analyses. It will hence serve as an efficient tool for hypothesis generation and decision-making.

VR Plant Journey

As part of the “AVATARS” research project Breakpoint One and Simmation created a VR experience for exhibitions and events to raise awareness for biology and plant research on events like the IdeenExpo in Hannover. On three stations with a free roam setup and the HMD wireless HTC Vive Pro over 1000 kids have had a lot of fun and learned something about plant research. The virtual experience “VR Plant Journey” will bring you closer to the researching of plants. This journey starts in a rapeseed field. You will travel inside a plant and learn something about the complex processes in the roots, a leaf cell and the seeds. With gamification of processes in the plant the user can learn while regulating the plant processes and actively start reactions through playing 3 different interactive games.   https://www.breakpoint.one/