Ballavita – A cinematic VR film

Amiluxfilm’s current movie called Ballavita is a cinematic VR film, 34min long, shot in live-action CG.

Meet “Maria, a young hotheaded but insecure woman is lured into a mirror world by an old man, who is trying to steal her dreams. She is sent on a fantastic journey, which quickly turns into a nightmare. She can finally escape the old man’s realm by overcoming her fears and accepting who she really is.”The world premiere was at the Venice Film festival 2018, screenings at Busan film festival, VR Days, Mar del Plata and was nominated for the Lumiere Awards in Brussels. Ballavita will be released in Spring 2019.



]Amiluxfilm is a film production company specialized in cinematic VR and based in Vienna. The company was founded by Gerda Leopold in 2014 aiming to develop new immersive forms of storytelling.