The Volucap Studio

In 2016 The German Electro Band Moderat asked Sehsucht to create a VR 360° video clip about their song “Reminder”. The company developed the imaginative, politically charged narrative.

The Video clip is mentionned “Staff Pick” on Vimeo, and was selected at the THE 2016 KALEIDOSCOPE WORLD TOUR.

A rebellious teenager slaves away in a dystopian world, harvesting crystals from a vast grey landscape. This sparkling bounty is given as an offering to a tribal deity, who resides in a shrine guarded by sentinels with green glowing masks, where he is constantly under attack from an army of drones.

Innovative technology

Take a moment to imagine what it would be like to live in that world. The text—will take you there.

Pfadfinderei, Moderat’s long-time creative partner for visual works, came up with the innovative idea of using gaming aesthetic and its production tools and invited SEHSUCHT Berlin, to realize the full scope of this ambitious project.