The Virtual Reality Association Berlin-Brandenburg and the VR / XR expert Network are pooling resources.

VRBB is strengthening its position by joining forces with the global XR initiatives of the VR/AR Association.

The Virtual Reality Association Berlin-Brandenburg (VRBB) network and the internationally active VR/AR Association (VRARA) have agreed on a strategic partnership. The goal is the joint expansion of its expert network in the international market and mutual support by collaborating on ecosystem reports, managing and syncing 2019’s events calendar and sharing the resources and knowledge with greater German region.

An international ecosystem working together on the local and global level is an important milestone  to fuel the growth of the industry across all verticals as well as look to create best practices and standards. The partnership between VRARA and the VRBB in particular looks to execute programs that educate and inform German businesses in the Berlin-Brandenburg region of what is possible locally and internationally on how such technologies should be implemented within the enterprise while as increasing the general public awareness of immersive technologies as much as possible.

Peter Lorenz, Managing Director of the VRBB

“There are very few locations in the world  that combine creative discipline with an extremely dynamic the high tech start-up scene in one spot – such as the capital region in and around Berlin. The VRBB is supporting the various players in order for them to build a virtual conglomerate that will make this a hot-spot for users, customers, producers, developers and researchers in this field. I am excited about this partnership as support an even wider collaboration on an international level “.

Philip Wogart, Executive Director DACH for VRARA

“Spatial computing, otherwise better known by its overarching acronym XR (extended reality), is the future of how we all will be interacting with computers. It is of course closely tied to other innovations in the last decade with the rise of Machine Learning, Big Data, Network and Connectivity and of course Mobile computing. Germany, Austria and Switzerland are all innovating in these technologies across all verticals and industries, so providing international exposure and opportunities is exactly what our organisation is now able to execute on. This partnership is key for having local ecosystems networked into the global community while simultaneously providing local expertise and experience when necessary.”

The Virtual Reality Berlin Brandenburg Association is the corporate network of the XR / VR actors in Germany’s capital region. The goal is the industry development of immersive media. To do this, the VRBB seeks the best connections and partners for its members to grow the network and industry.