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At somareality we create powerful new advertising formats working at the intersection of business, art, and technology. Our work includes the conceptualization of XR advertising projects and their realization.

Through our networks, we have access to one of the worlds biggest distribution channels with global output. Our commercials will immerse you in digital worlds, challenge your perceptual habits, and boost your visual sensation.”

What we can offer the VRBB:

Somareality is the official XR advertising partner for skylights. Skylights provides high-quality VR headsets for airlines and luxury hotels. Their product can be found in the first and business class of Air France, British Airways, Garuda, Pullman (hotel) and Srilankan Airline. This is the first time that big international companies can reach a significant number of affluent people in VR. With the global headset rollout in all lounges and long haul flights our VR commercials will reach 600.000 unique users per month. VR advertising is 18x times more effective and creates a long-lasting emotional connection with the brand. Somareality also offers unique augmented reality solutions for every marketing strategy. We will definitely have some projects that we will pass on to your network and hope, that we can find some strong partners.

What we are looking for:

Strong and long-lasting partnerships. Connections to big international brands that are interested in a commercial in the biggest VR advertising network. We also would love to work more with small brands on some custom AR projects.

Skills 360 Movies, Advertsing, Animation, Consulting, Marketing & Communication
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