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Kottbusser Damm 73, 10967 Berlin, D


Pixeltek is India’s leading VR development company and its oldest, having successfully executed VR apps since the launch of the Oculus Dki in 2013.
Using our decade’s plus experience in the global video games industry, we were able to pivot quickly into the rapidly evolving world of VR.
Since 2013 we have successfully developed an array of VR applications, ranging from VR based Real Estate marketing tools, 360 videos to fully immersive and interactive VR experiences for training in some of India’s largest factories.
We hope you will join us on this ever evolving technological journey, and allow Pixeltek to be your one stop shop for everything VR.

Here are a few of the services we provide for VR/AR/MR based solutions:
– Interactive Training Applications
– Marketing experiences
– 360 videos
– Real Estate Walkthroughs
– Games / Entertainment

Skills Animation, Film production, Games, Training & Education, Unity Development, Unreal Development
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