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Luisenstra├če 53, 10117 Berlin, D


We are KARO Labs & our mission is to simplify virtual reality!

Virtual Reality (or VR) is changing the way we communicate. With the growth of mobile-based VR, the humble smartphone has become a VR device. Whether we like it or not, VR is already touching all our lives. However, because of its novelty, there is still a lot of complexity around the technology. This is where we step in.

A Berlin-based software boutique, we specialize in production of VR-specific content & software for brand enhancement across industry segments.
Our belief in VR has led us to create a software platform that enables users to create, share & monetize immersive content without writing a single line of code or purchasing expensive hardware.

Sachiko Kayama (Japanese, entrepreneur & world-traveler) and Shantanu Roy (Indian, geek & avid-gamer) founded KARO Labs in 2017 after completing their MBA degree from ESMT Berlin. The company was awarded with the Berliner Start-up Stipendium in 2017 and successfully developed a prototype for the software platform.
KARO Labs is proudly associated with the Humboldt-Innovation and ESMT Berlin networks.

Skills 360 Movies, Advertsing, Animation, Consulting, Events & Presentations, Film production, Games, Marketing & Communication, Software & Apps, Storytelling, Unity Development, Unreal Development
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