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Genthiner Straße 8, 10785 Berlin, D


I-mmersive is a Berlin based VR hardware and software company. Our vision is to develop the best VR solutions possible to experience Virtual Reality now! i-mmersive focuses on research & development of future generations of VR technologies & experiences. i-mmersive combines divers personal competences and already existing intellectual property on VR technology to create a state of the art VR full service solution from camera over live stream software and smartphone glasses to an online platform for VR live streaming content. Ticketing of concerts and action events adds to our portfolio – you will be able to experience live events from your couch at home completely immersed as if you were there! The team at i-mmersive loves going to live concerts. Berlin is full of live music, and there are many shows we are not able to attend. We also have a deep love of VR and 360° video. We started to think about live streaming a concert directly to someone’s home via VR. And why just concerts? Why not all types of events and creative content?This led us to the i-mmersive system; a full solution for monetized, live streaming, 360° video content. From day one our aim has been to deliver an easy to use, complete system for any consumer or creator.

Skills 360 Movies, Consulting, Hardware & Rental, Software & Apps, Training & Education
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