Events & Projects

VRBB organizes and supports around 40 events each year. Members get access to numerous online and live events, bringing XR experts together with other industries.

Additionally, we offer exclusive access to events that are linked to matchmaking or further education. Invitations to these exclusive events are being sent out in our weekly VRBB Members’ Newsletter. Recommended public events are also shared on our social media channels.


XReco an Horizon Europe Innovation Project co-financed by the European Commission, driven by 20 partners from 12 countries.

It will build an enabling technology and pave the way for lifting the use of XR media content from being occasionally involved in media production to being regularly integrated in the media industry.

The VRBB is in charge of the communication and dissemination linked to XReco. If you’d like to learn more, please visit the XReco website and subscribe to the newsletter to stay up-to-date.

Hira Awards

Launch in 2023

The HIRA Awards are dedicated to experiences in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality and Cinematic VR.

An independent expert jury honors great achievements in four categories.
The Grand Prize celebrates the best project of the year, selected from all nominees.

You can also discover exciting technical developments, passionate art projects and bold business ideas at the accompanying exhibition.

Digital Dip XR

Together with the Cluster ICT, Media and Creative Industries we organize the Digital Dip XR event series.

Each event is dedicated to specific thematic focus. The goal is to bring together XR players of the Berlin-Brandenburg region to present and discuss current topics.

Digital Dip XR supports the cross-sector exchange of ideas and knowledge between developers and users in the field of VR, AR and XR.


ART + TECH TALKS is an interdisciplinary event format that brings together innovative artists, creative professionals and technology experts. The focus is on the relationship between the arts and extended reality technologies.

With ART + TECH TALKS, the format’s founders Silke Ababneh (Creative Director, vr4content) and Marlene Bart (Managing Director, Virtual Reality Berlin-Brandenburg e.V.) create both a platform and a safe space for a productive exchange about the future of visual art, performative art and music in the age of digitalisation.

Meet a Member

Meet a Member is an online event series that started in February 2022. Each edition is dedicated to a company that is member of VRBB.

If you’d like to get to know who’s part of this association, and meet potential partners for your business, this is the right event for you.

Follow VRBB on LinkedIn to be notified about our next edition.

VRBB in collaboration with....

To reach new audiences and to bring to the fore the potential of XR, we collaborate with institutions, networks and partners when organizing events: online, live or hybrid!

Become a member to gain access to those events where you can exchange ideas, create new networks and find new business opportunities.

Fairs, Conferences and Festivals

Our mission is to create strong and sustainable networks for our members so that they have the opportunity to generate business and stay up to date on current trends in the field of XR.

VRBB cooperates with numerous partners and participates in various events. For example, VRBB has been the official XR Partner of the MTH Conference for several years. We have also collaborated with the Female Filmmakers Festival Berlin and participated in the Venice VR Expanded of the Venice Filmfestival 2021.

If you’d like want to collaborate with us, let us know!

Our Partners

VRBB is funded by the Ministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie (Ministry for Economic Affairs, Labour and Energy) of Brandenburg.