Our new member AV Active just launched a new product called “iVP”.

The company started in 2009, they supposed to be specialised in custom development for the professional AV and Event industry. Their core business used to be projection mappings, museum installations, real time rendering as well as object tracking etc. Due to the increasing demand for VR and AR applications, the company increasingly focused on these technologies two years ago.

While working on a project for a client, they saw the huge demand for real-time and virtual planning in different industries. As a consequence, they started developing iVP almost two years ago. A multi-user 2D/3D and XR solution that “helps architectural stakeholders to collaborate and plan projects to the tiniest details, no matter their physical locations.”

iVP had been used in several projects already and clients are enthusiastic about this innovation.  To reach the goal to sell this technological benefit, AV Active did their very first presentation a few months ago for the “Klinikum Westfalen”. With this early alpha development status they won the first “Innovation awards” of the Knappschaft Kliniken. The next step was a presentation and soft beta launch phase where HOMAG partnered with AV Active at the LIGNA 2019 in Hannover, which is the biggest fair for the woodworking industry worldwide.


More information  more about iVP and AV active: