As one of the few VR films, “2nd Step” has been selected to screen at SIGGRAPH 2019. In this intriguing VR film the viewer gets the outstanding opportunity to set off for a fascinating VR journey into space, visiting a number of thrilling settings of current and future space missions, such as the landing spot of Apollo 11, the planned Lunar Orbital Platform-Gateway and the Shackleton-Crater at the South Pole of the Moon.

The film conveys an authentic sensation of how it must feel to actually be on the moon, climaxing in the visit of Mars – a desert planet of superlatives, with the most immense volcanoes and the deepest canyon in the solar system, perfectly reconstructed in 3D in an unique richness of detail.

Faber Courtial is one of Germany’s leading VFX studios & provider of premium VR films. With their top-level animations, they have been inspiring viewers since 1998, both in museums and on TV. The company established itself as VR pioneer on the international market with “Volcanos VR”,  the first fully immersive VR documentary for German TV. Since then, their award-winning VR films have screened on numerous festivals.